After the mysterious explosion in 2018 only the keyboardist (Paweł Zygmuntowski) and drummer (DRM404) were left alive. Shortly after the accident they found new allies - Volven Wolf as a vocalist, Radosław Andruszkiewicz as a bass guitarist and Paweł Dubowski as a guitarist, so the five-member band could continue their work.

The sound of MDS is influenced by industrial/electro and progressive metal scene. The band combines both experimental music and art. Not only do they exist as a band on the stage, but thanks to them you can also meet the strange characters of the MDS world even while just walking through the streets.


Let me introduce you to the MDS world. The plot takes place in an alternate reality, which is most likely an overlay for our world. The audience is not sure if the presented story is the vision of just a single person or the whole community. The entities from Machine Driven Sun live in an artificial world lit by an imitation of sun beams and the International Atmospheric Organization makes sure that the people living on Earth have no possibility to feel the real and allegedly harmful sunlight.


DRM404 is a medium between our world as you know it and the reality of the Artificial Sun. A soulless drum machine and the carrier of inexpressible messages at the same time. through the usage of symbols and available tools like music, graphics or even usual fabrics single hints are given. We can face the challenge to assemble the puzzles successfully.